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Film Cell Presentation Star Wars 6 x 4 Multipack Lot 1

SKU: 1709

This is my bargain January Sale This is for ten yes ten 6 x 4 Star Wars Film Cell Presentations
these normaly sell for £4.99 each on offer for £25.00 for all ten that is less than half price

This lot includes Lando, Naboo, Star Wars Ep1 Qui GonJinn & Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca and Lando, The Phantom Menace Queen Amidala, Darth Vader, X Wing Fighter, Luke Skywalker and C3PO, Obi Wan Kenobi and The Phantom Menace Naboo.

These film cell Presentations are brand new and measures 6 x 4" ready to be inserted into your own frame of choice. We use double mount boards so that the cells are sandwiched between to prevent
movement and a more professional finish. They contain 1 cell of film from the chosen movie. The item also includes a mini poster from the film and a mounted descriptive plaque. Also included is a Certificate of Authenticity attached to the back stating that the cells are genuine. The item is provided Unframed to prevent any damage in the post, reduce postage costs and to allow you to hoose your own frame (frame size needed - 6 x 4".) The photo doesn't do the item justice, and does not reflect on the quality. These make excellent gifts for anyone who loves movies! With the Advent of 3D & Digital Projection Technology, REAL Acetate Film will soon become a thing of the past and become even more COLLECTABLE This is your chance to own a piece of film history.

Price: £25.00

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