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Fishermans Logbook/Record

Fishermans Record
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Fishermans Record Match Page
Fishermans Record Pleasure Page
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When you go Fishing do you come back and have the usual fishermans tales or do you record the venue, weight, bait, swim, weather conditions etc so that you don't have to rack your memory of where to fish, what your best catch was and what bait you caught it with. this has 28 pages with 7 records on each page plus pages for notes plenty for even the most profilic of anglers. Enter your name in the box provided to personalise the logbook i.e. Paul's Fishing Record

you can even e-mail us a jpeg picture to put on the front cover. Just send to and we will personalise your record diary at no extra charge.

We now have two Fishermans Record Diaries.
One is the pleasure Diary which is the original Fishermans Record and has the usual Venue, species caught, bait, weather etc.

the other one is for the Match angler and has much more detail such as lake, bank, river, pier etc plus club, best fish, total weight and much more

choose which one you want they are the same price.
you will not find these anywhere else and they are great value.

Price: £2.99
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