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American Pie Bookmark

American Pie Bookmark
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Film Cell Bookmark of American Pie

Laminated with an authentic 35mm Film Cell. with a mini poster from the movie Attached is a classic ribbon style tassle.
This film cell Laminated Bookmark is brand new and measures 6 x 2". Comes in a resealable dust free bag
The photo doesn't do the item justice, and does not reflect on the quality.
Important : We personally manufacture all of our Bookmarks meaning that you buy direct from the source.
We do not buy them pre-made, ensuring only the best scenes from your choice of movie are selected to take pride of place in our Bookmarks.
We hand pick each cell from genuine 35mm film to ensure that only main characters and exciting scenes feature in the presentation. Every presentation is unique and may contain a different cell.

What is a film cell? They are the actual cells taken from 35mm film that is run in the cinemas. Since its introduction to the world in 1889 by Thomas Edison, 35mm film has not changed much. After the end of silent films, an analogue soundtrack was added to the left side of the film, and in more recent years different aspect ratios have been used.

So why buy a film cell? Well since the introduction of digital projection, 35mm film is slowly being phased out. Trailers from certain movies are becoming extremely scarce which in turn is increasing the value of the film cells for those more popular movies.

This really is a fantastic chance for you to own a rare and highly collectable piece of movie memorabilia.

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